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 Smile Gallery: Before and After

                            All-Porcelain Crowns (no metal)                       



This patient was unhappy with the look of her smile, especially the left Central Incisor (#9), which had been conventionally crowned years ealier.  The teeth were first bleached to enhance her general appearance.  The previous Porcelain/Metal Crown was removed and replaced with an All-Ceramic Crown. 



 C.C. was playing basketball at school when he "hit the floor" during play, with his teeth!  Both central incisors (#8 & #9 ) were shattered, leaving >50% of the natural crown gone!  The teeth first required endodontic treatment using Conventional Root Canal Therapy.  Restorative care involved Generalized Bleaching and restoring the damaged teeth with All-Ceramic Crowns.   



 This patient did not like the spacing of her front teeth.  The smile was "redeveloped" by restoring the Maxillary 10 teeth using a combination of Porcelain Veneers and Porcelain Crowns.



 During this patient's formative years, an accident left his left lateral incisor (#10) broken and "devitalized".  Conventional Root Canal Therapy was performed and a quick resin repair was done to restore the broken portion.  Over the years, the tooth had become dark and unattractive.  We Internally bleached the dead, discolored tooth, Generally Bleached his remaining dentition and transformed his smile by placing a Porcelain Veneer on tooth #10.



 After undergoing years of Orthodontic Therapy, this patient was not pleased with the shape and "visual texture" of her 4 front teeth.  The Central and Lateral Incisors (#7-10) were restored with Porcelain Veneers .



 This patient was generally unhappy with her smile and wanted to do something before her daughter's wedding.  After careful study with the aid of Diagnostic Models and Diagnostic Photos, we recommended she first complete General Bleaching, and then restore her smile with Porcelain Veneers on her six anterior teeth.



Unhappy with the results of Over-the-Counter Bleaching, this patient sought professional help.  Specifically, she did not like the color of her front right teeth (bridge #6-9).  Since the coloration of Porcelain/Metal Crowns remained unaffected by the General Bleaching,  we knew she would eventually have to replace her current bridge to give her the desired results.  Diagnostic Study Models and Diagnostic Photographs were used to develop a treatment plan.  Eventually, her anterior Porcelain/Metal Bridge (#6-#9) was replaced with an All-Ceramic Bridge to give her smile a fresh, new appearance.



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