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Here is what some of our patients have written to us...


Thank you once again for your commitment to excellence in your work!  Your confidence makes it easy for me to take good care of my teeth...being comfortable to come in for care regularly. The "5 chicken" lady appreciates you more than you will ever know!

You are a blessing!  Many thanks!                                                                  


Fairview, TN


To: Dr. Mark Whaley

Notes: Thanking you profusely for seeing me through this nightmare.  I will never forget your grace.  You're also the best blasted dentist east of the Mississippi!


Nashville, TN

May the Lord flourish your practice...

                                  then floss !!!


Studio City, CA

Dr. Whaley,

 I want to say a big thank you for truly making a life-long dream come true. This week for the first time in my entire life I had someone (that didn't know I was having anything done) tell me I had beautiful teeth!  Words can not begin to tell you how that made me feel, and you made that possible for me.  My husband is very pleased, and is so happy for me!

You did a wonderful job. Great work! This week I have talked to people and not had to shy away or cover my mouth. It has felt great!

 I am so thankful for you and the work that you do. Please fell free to share this with Angie and Anna. You all made me feel so special! I'm forever grateful and will never forget what you did for me!


Franklin, TN

Dear Dr. Whaley,

Thank you so much for seeing me on so short notice. I was very apprehensive (as you know) about switching dentists after seeing mine for 15 years. You were so caring and gentle and put me right at ease!

 I appreciate all that you did and I feel right at home already. Thanks!


Franklin, TN

Dear Dr. Whaley,

I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your kindness in getting my teeth whitened. I love my smile and can't wait to come in to show you the results. You went the "extra mile" and I'm so grateful to you and your staff. You all make me feel special!

God bless you, your family and your practice.

 Cheri K.

Franklin, TN


Dear Doc,

Thank you for the letter you wrote on my behalf to my insurance company. I appreciate you taking the time to write it and to follow up on it.

I also appreciate the care you have given me for my dental needs. The time you took to explain things to me was very considerate.

Yours truly,


Seattle, WA

Thanks for making me feel like a "special" patient. Your technical knowledge and skills are only surpassed by your ability to make your patients feel at ease. It's great to be able to smile and know that I am presenting a good image now; which makes me feel much more at ease.

Thanks again.



Aesthetic & General Dentistry

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Brentwood, TN 37027